We will spend all day together delving into the heart of Feng Shui, exploring the profound connection we have with our living and working environments. You will be inspired to create new pathways to self-awareness and transform your life experiences.

For the novice or beginner, this workshop will introduce you to the core principles of Feng Shui. If you have read a few Feng Shui books and have a been practicing on your own, you will gain much clarity and focus. We will discuss consequential principles such as the subtle environmental symbolisms that can deeply affect us, such as clutter and safety issues, which can impede the flow of positive qi (energy) through your home and into your life.

We will delve into the heart of Feng Shui with fundamental principles such as implementing the Bagua, the effects of Yin & Yang and the powerful Five Element Theory. You will learn to see environments with new eyes that will create an awareness of how everything in our surroundings has a powerful impact on our lives. Room by room, you will discover how Feng Shui can compliment your home by bringing new awareness to shapes, colors, fabrics and decorative objects. Our approach is to influence your décor choice that reflect your most inner intentions, attracting an abundant lifestyle and invite prosperous opportunities into our homes and our lives.


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DBPR: State Board of Architecture & Interior Design 7.25 CEU




This is a fun and inspiring workshop as you are introduced to the wisdom of Traditional Feng Shui. If you resonate with Asian symbolisms, our day together will be both educational and enriching.

We will start with some core principles of Feng Shui which is essential for you to apply suitable remedies, adjustments and cures. Learn how to evaluate your surroundings using the traditional methods of using the compass direction, as we incorporate several methods of Feng Shui. You will learn the formula for calculating your Ming Gua, more popularly called you Gua number. Focusing on you personally, learn your most favorable element, the most opportune directions and how your birth date is key to your personal growth and progress. 

Discover the eight life aspirations of the Bagua and how each of the compass direction affects the rooms of your floor plan. We will explore the Bazhai method or more commonly called the Eight Mansion theory and work with the eight portents of your home, for long term success. Learn how to enhance the rooms in your home based on the current energy patterns and how the annual Flying Stars are affecting your development and opportunities.

From your birth date, we will delve into the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac and how the symbolic meaning of each of the animals affect the current energy patterns in your Four Pillars Chinese astrology chart. From a symbolic nature, we will discuss the ancient symbolisms often used in the practice of Feng Shui. From Buddha statues to Wealth Frogs and how they are best utilized to enhance the energy of your homes.

We will also explore Real Estate Feng Shui – for buying & selling. How to stage your home for sale, as well as learn how to access new properties for the future success for you and your family. Last, but not least is the Chinese New Year. The Chinese culture is rich in customs, traditions and superstitions. The most important festival in the Chinese culture is the Spring Festival, more commonly known as Chinese New Year. 

This workshop is very inter-active, hands-on and it necessitates your floor plan and birth information in order to reap the full benefits of the knowledge. You will leave with a wealth of information on how to make educated decisions to best utilize the energy.


For those of you interested in earning your Classical Compass Certification, this workshop will be a great introduction to the training program. Anyone who continues with the Certification Program will receive a credit for attending the workshop.


Please check the Schedule for dates and locations  
To Register: Online Registration Call: 954-609-2584

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