The program was Excellent!!! The information was provided in a very professional way. Michelle has the acquired knowledge and passion to make this course special and valuable. If you want to be a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, this program is the best choice; Michelle was open to sharing all the tools she gained through years of experience.


Thank you!!

Jeanette P.  Hollywood, FL.


Thank you again for the amazing Feng Shui Training in the Traditional Compass Method.  I am looking forward to practicing the new method once I finish all of my reading, complete the project and feel comfortable with using the the tools.

The location was perfect; intimate, very easy to drive to and park.  Everything was available in a small space and easy to walk somewhere for lunch; very convenient. The manual was very thorough, complete, logical, easy to follow and understand.  The sections were divided in a systematic format which made it easy and practical to refer back to certain sections.  All of the relevant, critical information is in one manual which is fantastic for my learning.  I appreciate that you spent an enormous amount of time and effort to collect information from many sources and put it in one manual.  Since there is a great deal of information to learn and understand about Feng Shui, the Manual has made the subject less daunting for me.  

The  Charts, Tools and Reference Materials were very complete, practical, easy to read and follow logically.  With the great deal of information necessary to practice Feng Shui, the tools help to simplify the process.  I like the fact that the tools are laminated.  The Reference book was a great addendum to augment the information in the manual.  The additional references you provided for starting a business, recommended authors, symbols, crystals etc  were also extremely helpful.

The charts, visuals and PowerPoint Presentation and power point presentations were helpful.  The visual pictures helped to explain the concepts.  Examples of the useful symbols was helpful to enhance my appreciation for using the different symbols.

The explanations of the concepts were thorough and understandable.  The practical examples were very useful.  Taking time to practice the Compass Method and how to do the Flying Stars was very helpful.  The more repetition, the better to internalize the information.  Discussing the remedies using the elements, symbols and salt cures was very useful.  Asking questions and clarifying concepts was encouraged.  I liked that we practiced Yi Jing a few times to understand how the book works to answer questions.  Reviewing how to complete a report was extremely useful. Returning in July to shadow you on a project will be extremely helpful to further solidify the concepts and how to complete a thorough report.  The small group of students was very conducive for sharing ideas, challenges and expertise in the field.  The other students were vey enthusiastic, energetic and eager to learn as I was.  

I enjoyed the course immensely and appreciated the fact that the training was divided between two weekends to allow time to read more information and digest material in between.  I look forward to our next meeting.

Most Sincerely,

Marlene M. Gainesville, FL.


I highly recommend this course. Michelle is a great teacher, with lots of knowledge and has designed a course that is organized and easy to digest. No attention to detail went unnoticed and the course was very thorough with awesome reading materials and laminated handouts. The follow up mentoring sessions are also helpful once you begin doing consultations so you can ask questions while you practice.

Gala M. Long Island City, NY



I was honored to be one of Michelle’s students. I loved her teaching style as well as her passion and knowledge of Feng Shui. Her main focus is for her students to understand every aspect of the course thus offering success. The course is very comprehensive, well organized with may useful tools for a practitioner. She addressed dilemmas and challenging situations which as practitioner might encounter. I appreciated the visual aspects of the course with many examples of case studies. I am most grateful, as I am on a new life path armed with amazing tools, charts and the training manual which is my bible.

Maryanne M. Hobe Sound, FL.



As an artist and Chinese medicine practitioner of many years, I have studied numerous interpretations of the five elements. This course has allowed me to further develop my understanding of these principles through the study of Feng Shui Design. It is comprehensive, organized and supported with charts, articles and suggested readings that assist in all areas of application. I found Michelle to be generous in calling upon her decades of knowledge and experience to prepare me for success. Although I originally took this course to assist me in placing my Five Element Art in homes and offices, I am now excited to be able to work with clients in their living spaces.

Anita A. Grand Junction, CO.


In my professional life in the medical field, I have attended extensive trainings for over 18 years in order to meet the requirements as requested by the state. I can attest that the Feng Shui Practitioner Certification has been one of the best trainings I have attended. The professionalism, extensive knowledge, high ethic standards and the caring disposition of Michelle paired with her excellence and grace in communications has made an impact on me. This training has exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend it.

Eugenia R. Miami, FL.

I am grateful for your depth of knowledge, sincerity and positive energy. Your enthusiasm is contagious and appreciated your willingness to share your wisdom, experiences and insight. Meeting you has been such a blessing, creating intention, focus and balance in my life. Your training program was extensive in content, but was also a personally transformative, spiritual experience. I am empowered now, to move forward in my life and make the necessary changes.

Gabi D. Las Vegas, NV

This program offers a full understanding of Feng Shui basics by introducing you to the underlying concepts of the complex world of energy. This program opens up the door to an awareness of our environments and our life. I sincerely recommend this to anyone that is seriously pursuing a career in Feng Shui. It gives you the tools to really make a positive impact on someone's life, which is a very rewarding experience. Thank you Michelle. I thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality, giving nature and positive energy. All the best to you!

Veronica G. Ft. Lauderdale, FL



Michelle was the perfect instructor...a mix of warmth, approachable and generous in her sharing of knowledge and experiences.  The curriculum was extensive, the training manual and materials thorough and detailed. The follow-up student area on the school site is a great resource.  The program encouraged sharing and networking with other students, and I forged many new friendships with like-minded individuals who are walking a similar personal and professional path.  Thumbs up for this program's value and for Michelle as its instructor! 

Lisa M.  Orlando, FL


This training was an enlightening personal experience as it answered many questions I had about what I wanted to do next with my life. Through the course of the four days, I not only learned about Feng Shui but also got a clear definition in my mind of how to integrate it into my personal life and carry it into a successful professional practice. I came out refreshed and with a vision for the future. I look forward to the next steps of the program with my project assignments and Feng Shui my life. Thank you Michelle.

Brigitte B. Miami, FL

I consider myself an intermediate practitioner of Feng Shui, having taken over 30 some hours of classwork in the past.  Of all my previous instruction, Michelle had created the most useful tools and charts for the designer to apply the Feng Shui principles.  Her in depth research and studies have made the application of Feng Shui an easier process .  Thank You!

Vicki K. West Palm Beach, FL     


Michelle Luongo offers an extremely detailed Feng Shui certification program that is also CEU (HSW/REL) qualified.  I felt that I learned an effective way to design interiors and landscapes for my residential and commercial clients by using the Western method that is very practical and gives them additional support in their lives by enhancing their surroundings.
Tamara T. Ft. Lauderdale, FL



The program was great! Michelle is a wonderful teacher, very professional and organized. I learned a lot and I am very excited to start my journey! I didn't know what to expect, but when I finished the program  I was very impressed! I highly recommend it to everyone!

Adriana L. Sunny Isles, FL

I feel that the program is extremely thorough and professional, for someone who wants to pursue every aspect of Feng Shui. The way Michelle has herself organized as a professional consultant and guides the students with the same principles definitely makes me feel that I got my money's worth with the course, to pursue a very promising career as a consultant.

Kimberly S.  West Palm Beach, FL


I loved the Feng Shui Practitioner Certification Training Program. I left the training feeling very motivated and inspired to apply what I have learned to my professional and personal life. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful and patient presenter.  I am very happy that I made the decision to take this training and I would recommend it to anyone who would want a very comprehensive program to learn the essential principles of Feng Shui.

Marilyn F. Hollywood, FL

Very good course, extremely interesting subjects and handled in a fun and useful way. Michelle is a very knowledgeable professional who teaches with  passion and care, and sensible enough to focus on specific subjects more than others when necessary. I feel I’m ready to do a proper Feng Shui consultation after this course.
Luciana P. Miami, FL


I think you created a great program that teaches Feng Shui in an easy to learn manner. It allows you to be fully immersed but also able to carry on with real life. I found the timing of the training more attractive than having to attend shorter classes over a longer period of time.

Melissa D. Charleston, SC

The training was great. It completely exceeded my expectations on what I was going to learn. It was a real eye opener as well because it cleared many Feng Shui wrong pre-conceptions I had, and provided a great step by step system to learn this art form and become a certified practitioner. Michelle is an excellent teacher and I was very impressed by her knowledge and her placid and patient disposition towards her students. The course material is amazing, and I was very glad to see that we covered everything.

F.I. Miami, FL


I feel very fortunate to have found this program and highly recommend it to everyone!  Everything you need to heal, improve and manifest in your life is found within these principles.  Taking this program and learning about Feng Shui has changed my life! I have so much more peace and harmony and am looking forward to finding a new career and direction. I am so gratified to have learned such valuable principles for taking charge of my life!

Nancy A. West Palm Beach, FL

I have been reading and practicing Feng Shui for over many years. The training gave me so much more information and clarity. I feel well prepared to start providing consultations for clients as well as utilizing the expanded knowledge in my own home. The training was fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own business or just has an interest in enhancing their own lives. Michelle provided a plethora of useful information and resources. Thanks Michelle!

Eva R. Pemberton, NJ

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